Clinical Simulation Sample

Opening Scene
A first grade teacher reports that a 7-year-old student has difficulty with grade-level class work that primarily requires the use of fine motor skills to complete. A social history reveals the student lives with both parents and has an older sibling diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder who attends the same school.
Section 1
The OTR is scheduled to complete an initial screening to determine the appropriateness of school-based occupational therapy services for this student. What actions should the OTR take as part of this screening process?
Select “Yes” next to those options that are appropriate at this time. Select “No” if the option is not appropriate at this time. You must select either “Yes” or “No” for every option.
Yes      No   
A   Ask the parents if they have observed the student displaying autistic behaviors at home or at play.
B   During a session in the designated OT room, have the student copy several words from an age-appropriate book.
C   Observe the student during typical classroom activities.
D   Ask the school nurse if the student has had a recent routine visual acuity exam.
E   Compare the student’s corrected age to a developmental growth chart.
F   Review the student’s initial kindergarten screening results.
G   Review several of the student’s recent written assignments and drawings.

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